Gehl skid steer loader


Gehl has a long history as a manufacturer of farm machinery. In the 1980s, Gehl began manufacturing construction equipment.

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3640E 4240E 4640E 4640E Turbo 4660 4840
4840E 5640 5640E 5640E Turbo 6640 6640E
7610 7810 7810E CTL60 CTL70 CTL80
HL360 HL2800 HL3000 HL4500 HL4700 SL3310
SL3410 SL3510 SL3610 SL3635 SL3725 SL3825
SL3935 SL4510 SL4525 SL4610 SL4625 SL4635
SL4635SX SL4835 SL5620 SL5625 SL5635 SL5635SXII
SL6620 SL6625 SL6635 SL6635SXTI SL7600 SL7800