Mustang industrial and construction equipment

Mustang Manufacturing of Owatonna, Minnesota has been building construction equipment since 1965.

330skid steer loader25 HPOnan gasoline1975-1978
332skid steer loader25 HPOnan gasoline1987-1988
910skid steer loader15 HPYanmar 0.9L diesel1992-1995
911skid steer loader18 HPOnan 0.8L gasoline1992-1995
920skid steer loader19 HPYanmar 0.9L diesel1989-1998
921skid steer loader21 HPOnan 1.0L gasoline1992-1995
930skid steer loader28 HPYanmar 1.4L diesel1988-1998
940skid steer loader38 HPYanmar 1.8L diesel1988-1996
960skid steer loader57.5 HPIsuzu 2.8L diesel1988-1995
1700skid steer loader HPIsuzu diesel
2040skid steer loader40 HPYanmar 2.0L diesel1997-2000
2050skid steer loader49 HPYanmar 2.2L diesel1998-2000
2060skid steer loader62 HPIsuzu 2.8L diesel1996-2000
2070skid steer loader75 HPIsuzu 2.8L turbodiesel1997-2000