John Deere skid steer loader

Deere & Company began industrial equipment production with a modified version of the model D, including some sold by Caterpillar. Deere steadily added additional indsutrial equipment to their farm machinery line, and had a full line by the 1960s. Today, Deere & Company is a major manufacturer of construction equipment.

1425 HPOnan 1.0L gasoline
2437 HPWisconsin 2.5L gasoline
24A37 HPContinental 1.8L gasoline
6017 HPKohler 0.7L gasoline1978-1984
7025 HPOnan 1.0L gasoline1975-1978
9023 HPOnan 1.0L gasoline1979-1984
12540 HPIsuzu 2.0L diesel1983-1984
17037 HPWisconsin 2.5L gasoline1976-1977
24053 HPJohn Deere 2.9L diesel1999-2002
240 Series II53 HPJohn Deere 2.9L diesel2003-2004
25064.4 HPJohn Deere 2.9L turbodiesel1999-2002
250 Series II64.4 HPJohn Deere 2.9L turbodiesel2003-2004
26072.4 HPJohn Deere 2.9L turbodiesel1999-2002
260 Series II72.4 HPJohn Deere 2.9L turbodiesel2003-2004
27082 HPJohn Deere 4.5L diesel1999-2002
270 Series II82 HPJohn Deere 4.5L diesel2003-2004
28090 HPJohn Deere 4.5L turbodiesel2002-2002
280 Series II90 HPJohn Deere 4.5L turbodiesel2003-2004
31349 HPJohn Deere 2.4L diesel2007-
31549 HPJohn Deere 2.4L diesel2007-
31761 HPJohn Deere 2.4L turbodiesel2005-2009
318D58 HPJohn Deere 2.4L turbodiesel2010-2013
318E63 HPYanmar 3.3L diesel2014-
32066 HPJohn Deere 2.4L turbodiesel2005-2009
320D63 HPJohn Deere 2.4L turbodiesel2010-2013
320E69 HPYanmar 3.3L diesel2014-
32576 HPJohn Deere 3.0L turbodiesel2005-2004
326D70 HPJohn Deere 3.0L turbodiesel2010-2012
326E74 HPYanmar 3.3L turbodiesel2013-
32882 HPJohn Deere 3.0L turbodiesel2005-2009
328D80 HPJohn Deere 3.0L turbodiesel2010-2012
328E86 HPYanmar 3.0L turbodiesel2013-
33291 HPJohn Deere 3.0L turbodiesel2005-2009
332D89 HPJohn Deere 3.0L turbodiesel2010-2012
332E97 HPYanmar 3.0L turbodiesel2013-
37517 HPYanmar 0.7L gasoline1988-1993
57028.5 HPContinental 1.3L gasoline1987-1991
57532 HPYanmar 1.4L diesel1987-1994
675B44 HPYanmar 1.8L diesel1987-1989
675B44 HPYanmar 1.8L diesel1987-1994
337519 HPJohn Deere 0.7L diesel1994-1999
447532 HPJohn Deere 1.5L diesel1994-1998
557537 HPJohn Deere 1.6L diesel1995-1998
667545 HPJohn Deere 2.0L diesel1994-1998
777552 HPJohn Deere 2.2L diesel1994-1998
887564 HPJohn Deere 2.9L turbodiesel1994-1998