Bobcat skid steer loader

Bobcat began at Keller Manufacturing in Rothsay, Minnesota. Keller custom built a compact loader for a local turkey farmer in 1957. After showing off the loader at the Minnesota State Fair, a partnership was reached between Keller and Melore Manufacturing to mass produce the loaders. The name "Bobcat" was first used in 1964 with the M440 model, and has since become synonymous with skid-steer loaders.

31016 HPKohler 0.6L gasoline1983-1976
31312.5 HPKubota 0.6L diesel1983-1978
37114 HPKohler gasoline1977-1971
44016 HPKohler 0.7L gasoline1983-1985
440B16.5 HPKohler 0.7L gasoline1985-1993
44315 HPKubota 0.8L diesel1987-1993
443B15 HPKubota 0.8L diesel1983-1986
45016.5 HPKohler 0.7L gasoline1994-1999
45315 HPKubota 0.8L diesel1994-2000
46322.5 HPKubota 1.0L diesel2001-2008
52019 HPKohler 0.9L gasoline1976-1977
53023 HPKohler 0.9L gasoline1977-1982
53319 HPIsuzu 1.0L diesel1976-1982
54022.5 HPKohler 0.9L gasoline1981-1986
542B25 HPFord gasoline1988-1993
543B21.5 HPKubota 0.9L diesel1982-1993
55325 HPKubota 1.1L diesel2002-2007
553C19.5 HP diesel1994-1996
553F22.5 HP diesel1997-2002
61030 HPWisconsin 1.8L gasoline1972-1982
61127.5 HPDeutz diesel1975-1978
62030 HPWisconsin gasoline1975-1976
63030 HPWisconsin 1.8L gasoline1977-1982
63127.6 HPDeutz 1.4L diesel1977-1982
63232 HPFord 1.6L gasoline1977-1982
64127.6 HPDeutz 1.7L diesel1981-1992
64232 HPFord 1.6L gasoline1981-1986
642B32 HPMitsubishi gasoline1986-1993
64328.5 HPKubota 1.4L diesel1981-1992
74129.7 HPDeutz 1.7L diesel1981-1990
74238 HPFord 1.6L gasoline1981-1990
742B36 HPMitsubishi 1.6L gasoline1991-1993
74336 HPKubota 1.7L diesel1985-1990
743B36 HPKubota 1.7L diesel1991-1993
75138 HPKubota diesel1994-2000
75343 HPKubota 2.2L diesel1990-2002
76346 HPKubota 2.2L diesel1994-2002
77346 HPKubota 2.2L diesel1994-2001
82542 HPPerkins diesel1974-1982
84354 HPPerkins 2.5L diesel1984-1992
843B54 HPIsuzu 2.8L diesel1992-1992
85358 HPIsuzu 2.8L diesel1993-1999
86373 HPDeutz 2.7L diesel1997-2002
86473 HPDeutz 2.9L diesel2000-2000
87373 HPDeutz 2.7L diesel1994-2001
88373 HPDeutz 2.9L diesel2001-2001
94374 HPPerkins 3.9L diesel1985-1993
95374 HPPerkins 3.9L diesel1994-1997
963105 HPPerkins 4.0L turbodiesel1998-2003
97478 HPPerkins 3.9L diesel1981-1990
97582 HPJohn Deere 4.5L diesel1981-1990
98094 HPCummins 3.9L diesel1987-1993
775346 HPKubota 2.2L diesel1990-1993
A22073 HPDeutz 2.9L diesel2001-2002
A30081 HPKubota 3.3L turbodiesel2002-2010
A77092 HP turbodiesel2011-
A77092 HPKubota 3.8L turbodiesel2013-
M-20012.5 HP gasoline1959-
M-40012.5 HP gasoline1960-
M-44015.5 HP gasoline1962-
M-44415.5 HP gasoline1963-
M-50024 HP gasoline1964-
M-500D21 HP diesel1964-
M-500E10 HP electric1964-
M-60025 HP gasoline1967-
S7023.5 HPKubota 1.0L diesel2013-
S10035.5 HPKubota 1.5L diesel
S10033.5 HPKubota 1.5L diesel2008-2013
S13046 HPKubota 2.2L diesel2008-2014
S15046 HPKubota 2.2L diesel2003-2013
S16056 HPKubota 2.0L diesel2004-2013
S17546 HPKubota 2.2L diesel2002-2013
S18556 HPKubota 2.0L diesel2002-2013
S20561 HPKubota 2.4L turbodiesel2005-2013
S22075 HPKubota 3.3L turbodiesel2003-2009
S25075 HPKubota 3.3L turbodiesel2002-2010
S30081 HPKubota 3.8L diesel2003-2011
S33085 HPKubota 3.8L diesel2006-2010
S45049 HPDoosan 1.8L turbodiesel2014-
S51049 HPKubota 2.2L diesel2013-
S51049 HPDoosan 2.4L turbodiesel2014-
S53049 HPKubota 2.2L diesel2013-
S53049 HPDoosan 2.4L turbodiesel2014-
S55061 HPKubota 2.4L turbodiesel2013-
S55061 HPDoosan 2.4L turbodiesel2014-
S57061 HPKubota 2.4L turbodiesel2013-
S57061 HPDoosan 2.4L turbodiesel2014-
S59066 HPKubota 2.6L turbodiesel2013-
S59066 HPDoosan 2.4L turbodiesel2014-
S63074.3 HPKubota 3.3L turbodiesel2009-2013
S63074 HPDoosan 2.4L turbodiesel2014-
S65074.3 HPKubota 3.3L turbodiesel2009-2013
S65074 HPDoosan 2.4L turbodiesel2014-
S75085 HPKubota 3.8L turbodiesel2011-2012
S75085 HPKubota 3.8L turbodiesel2013-
S77092 HPKubota 3.8L turbodiesel2011-2012
S77092 HPKubota 3.8L turbodiesel2013-
S85092 HPKubota 3.8L turbodiesel2010-2012
S85092 HPKubota 3.8L turbodiesel2013-